Lifestyle Change

I love spicy food.
I love coffee.
I smoke.
I stress myself out on a regular basis.
I tend to chow down a lot during some meals, then hold back on others.
I drink a fair share of sodas.

And apparently, the combination of the above has recently been causing me some difficulty in breathing, some chest pains, unusual nausea and fullness in the stomach after eating, plus the feeling of a lump in the throat.

What's this called? Acid reflux! It's still a mild case, according to my doctor, but this calls for a lifestyle change!

I expect to be irritable over the next few days from withdrawal symptoms. *gasp!*


augusto said…

It's relative actually. Let's see, how old are you ? weight ? height ? big boned ? but since the nature of your work is sedentary ( art directing & illustrating) , yeah , you could be over- eating. Get rid of the smoke, moderate the soda, learn how to handle stress, and invest on a good pair of sneakers and start running on a regular basis. At least 45 minutes to one hour, every other day. Or enrol in a gym and do some weight training to cut excess fat and develop strength and endurance. When I was younger and doing these things, I felt like a new man, beaming with confidence and self-assurance. And I seldom got sick. But all good things must end. Complacency and laziness, old age took over ... I'll have to do some drastic measures to ward -off an early death.


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