Friday, July 25, 2008

The Way, The Truth and the Light

By special request, I added a link on the sidebar to the 14-page online preview. Yup, it's still 14 pages, and Budjette had already oh-so-gently harangued me about it.

So what happened?

Rewrites. Oh, correction--major rewrites.

The few resources I've studied in the past do stress the importance of rewriting and revising as part of the whole storytelling process, but I've always had this notion that comics writers had it all easy. It took me about a month to pen One Night In Purgatory and about half a year to write the first Zaturnnah book before continuing the scripting during the art stage. Shorter works would require less than two weeks. Heck, friend Marco wrote a graphic novel script over a weekend!

A friend would repeatedly tell me, "Stop thinking and just do it!" Then there are those who've said that it would be better if I didn't do a sequel at all. If only it were that easy. Apart from addressing the clamor for a follow-up to an arguably successful book, I'm doing this for my education, too. I want to know if I could do it. Can I do more? Can I succeed at doing more? Putting my situation in perspective, I'm the fortunate newbie. And we all know that newbies don't go very far unless they choose to grow.

The events in the 14-page preview will still come out, that's certain. It's the rest of the story that needed fixing, a process that started with page 15. Ada and Dodong arrive in Manila with the hope that their relationship works out, despite Ada doubting Dodong's intentions. Dodong gets a job. Ada tries to keep the cash flowing in. The Zaturnnah stone unexpectedly arrives. New characters, friend and foe, come in to raise stakes and hell. A character from the first book makes a leap into this second adventure. When all is said and done, Ada reflects on nature of love.

As things stand now, I'm looking at nine chapters, plus prologue and epilogue, that'll add up to around 200+ pages. Damn, I'm crazy. I guess a two-parter is definitely in order. Perhaps even a three.


arlo said...

gogogo lang sir carlo!

i just bought another zsazsa comics 2 weeks ago... pang 12th or 13th ko na yata. i just can seem to keep a copy or ur work to myself. lagi ko kasing ipinagduduldulan sa mga friends... and ive sent a couple pa sa mga kaibigan ko sa thailand and the u.s...

can hardly wait... :D

Xiaobucks said...

200 pages?!!! VOnggha!!! I really can't wait for that, super bonggacious yahn for sure....nga pala...Ang Ganda pala ni Zsa Zsa pag tulog.... :D God bless....smiling face cheverloo... :D


Kliklavu pala ang gay linggo version ng Click....ano naman ang linggo for the word Internet?.....very creative ha....very creative indeed... :D

Carver said...

arlo and xiaobucks... right now I'm in the process of cleaning up the script. It's been a great learning experience. Sana magustuhan ninyo ang finished product. :) Salamat!


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