Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Search Engine thinks Google Un"Cuil"

"Cuil" is pronounced "cool," and is old Irish for knowledge.

It is also the latest search engine that challenges industry leader Google. (after similarly cool-sounding search engine names like Teoman, Vivisimo, Mahalo, Inktomi, Chacha, and others.)

The punchline: was developed by former Google employees, led by Anna Patterson.

Read all about it here. Or, try out a search on and see if you like the results. The results listing is unlike any other search engine--quite refreshing, actually. Though functionality and relevance remain to be seen.

Methinks I'll be giving Cuil a dry run. Why not "cuil it?"


Mugen said...

Tried it the day it was introduced. Not that impressive. Pero the black and blue color is an eye candy. :)

Carver said...

Hindi nga siya masyadong maganda. :)


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