Thursday, July 24, 2008

Increase The Chances of Getting Your Book Published

  1. Be Professional. You must have the conduct of a professional to be treated in a professional way. Research a bit about how the publishing industry operates, and what is expected of an author.
  2. Make your work well-Researched. Your work should highlight an expertise or knack you possess or practice. Your work should present itself as an authority, or at least should tell a publisher and reader that you know what you're talking about.
  3. Make your work well-Edited. Your work should have been read and reread, edited, revised, and polished.
  4. Make your work Stimulate. Your work should have content that provokes the kind of emotional or intellectual response you intend.
  5. Make your work Connect. Your work should use a style that is attuned to the audience you want to reach.
  6. Make your work Unique in the marketplace. Your work should offer something new, or offer a new take on a subject.

Put them all together, you get PRESCU! In short, your work should be "fresh." :-)

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