Plus Points for "The Echo"

I guess I was under a boulder for quite a while. Looks like Yam Laranas' Sigaw remake The Echo is earning initial post Cannes praise. Ruben Nepales of the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported late last month that Todd Stone of reviewed The Echo favorably. Then there's another encouraging review over at, written by one Lance Curtis. These reviews, however, make no mention of Iza Calzado. Her name doesn't even appear in a number of movie websites' cast lists. That sucks.

Will this movie neutralize the scathing feedback on Serbis? Will 2008 be the year when the Filipino begins to make a significant mark in the international entertainment scene?

More importantly, will the horrid "Kapuso vs. Kapamilya" habit ever be put to rest?


Xiaobucks said…
You mean hindi ma lang nabanggit si Miss Yza sa mga review?, goodness, siya kaya ang highlight sa pinaka unang release, and to see na ang ECHO at based on a Filipino Original Creation na SIGAW.

Alam niyo po, dapat na mag-unite na din ang Kapuso at Kapamilya eh, at magsasama silang lahat sa iisang network na kung tawagin ay "Kaluluwa"
Carver said…
Hahahah! Kakatawa 'yung Kaluluwa. :)
Webster Twelb said…
aw..kalungkot naman na wla xa sa cast sa ibang websites..unfair un..

may trailer n b?

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