Friday, May 23, 2008

Twiddling Thumbs

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Tomorrow and Sunday is going to drain a whole lot out of me because of work, but everything should turn out well. I will be going to the Visprint event at the Cubao Expo tomorrow afternoon, but I can't stay long enough to share hugs and kissies--work at the printing press beckoned and I have sacred duties to fulfill.

Now if there's anything about the event that really excites me, it would be the short talk and Q&A about getting published, something I'm sure will spark delight in many an aspiring wordsmith. Or comics creator.

With the preview of the Zaturnnah sequel all set to expose itself in a few days, I feel it fit to issue a few bits--reminders, if you will--just so's to make this entire activity clear and pleasant for all:

1) Like its predecessor, Zsazsa Zaturnnah Sa Kalakhang Maynila is still For Mature Readers Ever! I dare to be a bit bolder by saying "Bawal Ang Dyugets!" If you intend to read the sequel preview along with your young'uns, you might find yourself pressed to explain sensitive issues involving certain parts of the anatomy. And, if you soon find the little tykes uttering gibberish through their frothing little mouths, my hands are clean.

2) While I can't stop you from doing so, copying every single page I post here onto your site or blog is just way uncool. You can place a panel or two (or three) then link back to this blog, but not the entire preview. Pretty please.

3) Because I will post only a few pages at a time, you might feel "bitin." So you have the option of coming back every week, or wait for two or three weeks before visiting again. I will provide a menu on the left side column of this blog that will list every installment of the preview.

4) The pages to be presented are pre-final edits, more or less how they'll come out. There may however, still be a few changes that will be made on the way to the print version.

Hmmm... That's about it for now. See you soon!


Maite said...

Yehey!! :) Can't wait to start reading! :)

dyezebel said...

yey! unfortunately i'm baguio based so i can't go but the sequel is something to look forward to. thank you. :)


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