Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Week To Go...

With one week to go, I'm getting a bit more anxious. But I've been enjoying my output so far. It's just like five years ago, but even more so.

Just a few things:

1) Gratitude. Thanks to all those who have been spreading the word, sharing news of the Zaturnnah sequel to the blogosphere, and for linking back. Mwah! :-)

2) Straight answer. Again, I don't know when the printed version will come out. I'm focusing on getting pages done, and it would be foolish to get ahead of myself by giving a date. But you will know eventually.

3) Live show. My publisher, Visual Print Enterprises, will be having a little "conference" on May 24. That's a Saturday, and all of Visprint's published authors will be there, including Budjette Tan, Manix Abrera, and David Hontiveros. (Well, except for the enigmatic Bob Ong, who I still think is part of some industry conspiracy.) The event, entitled "9 in 1 Kolektib Intelidyens," will be held at Shop 33 of the Cubao Expo, starting at three in the afternoon. My share in the event will be the first six pages of the Zaturnnah sequel, exhibited gallery style.

So if you want to read the sequel's first six pages, then do drop by the event on the 24th. Sorry, no printed copies will be given out.

With that, I'll see you soon.


toxic disco boy said...

omg. i lurve ur work! haha. i didn't know zsa zsa has a sequel. i have the first one and i can't wait to buy the next. is it out now? thanks! :D

oh and link kita. hihi.

love kisses and such!!!

toxic disco boy said...

oh. i did not read the whole post. hehe. its not out yet pala. can't wait!

Dennis Sebastian said...

hey carlo...musta? i am so excited that you have finally took time to write and draw the sequel...can't wait...sana may 26 na! =)

Siege said...

See you there, sir!

Xiaobucks said...

Gaano po ba kadalas mag-gym si dodong kapag off duty sa mga komix?
I'm ken wey tu si da neks buk! omaygulahy. hwek hwek hwek. shagashingshing....hhaavvooo


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