Trying Something Kinda New

For my latest Graphic Classics assignment, I tried a technique that I had assumed would help me work faster. And was indeed able to work faster, though the method presented its own set of challenges.

The method is a three-step: tight form pencils, black and white washes, and digital texturing. You'll see the results of each step by clicking on the image.

What I really liked about this technique is the variety of activity. I'd be shifting from pencils to brushes to mouse as the need arose, so the toil on the right hand isn't too harsh...well, at least to me. The downside of this technique is that the mental planning factors in the halftone (grey) contrast. Unlike the usual one-tone page where you only have to worry about blacks and whites, the multi-tone page gets you fiddling with contrasts, making sure the subjects of every panel reasonably pop out.

But I like how the whole of 40 pages turned out. The resulting mood of the images fit the atmosphere of Ambrose Bierce's "The Monk And the Hangman's Daughter." I can't post pages yet, sorry.

And with this virtually a breath away from completion (hooray!), you know what's next.

But for now, I sleep.


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