Monday, April 21, 2008

A Slow Start Is Still A Start

I've begun to draw.

The plan is to post the first two chapters (over 40 pages) in three- to five-page weekly installments. Maybe I'll add the third chapter--depends on some marketing issues I have to iron out.

When will the first set of pages go online? I don't want to promise. But, since I'm already drawing the thing, it's going to be sooner than later. Knocking all sortsa wood.

How will the sequel be different from the first book? I'd say there will be a lot of the same and a lot that's different. Calling it an improvement may be too soon to do, but deep in my heart ("deep in my heart" daw, o!!) I believe that I've matured a bit in my storytelling and art skills. I completed the first book in early 2003--that's five whole years ago. If you were a freshman in college and you got the book when it first came out, by now you'd be part of the workforce. In my case, I've subjected myself to self-imposed do-it-yourself post-graduate studies. And it's caused me beautiful, beautiful headaches.

With that I must excuse myself. I'm going into labor. And I'm anticipating a motherload of contractions.


Xiaobucks said...

Kaninong fikaf kaya yun?, exciting talaga toh!!!

No matter how beautiful a headache is, it will still be very difficult to admire, you might even have a headache...And yah, headaches?-

"So what's new, everybody needs a shipwreck (In your case, headache) once in a while" - S.R.

God bless

Xiaobucks said...

Another thing mr Carver, any chance we would have a glimpse of the Pagoda Coldwave Motion Gun that was supposed to end Zaturnnah if ever? thanks.


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