Re-Orientation Part 2

I haven't drawn "large-scale" in a while. For those who don't already know, drawing a comic book at least 25% larger than the final printed size is ideal, allowing the artist to add detail without having to roll himself up into a ball over the paper.

Now I don't use those industry-standard comics drawing boards--too expensive for me. In the past, I would buy 3-ply bristol boards from National Bookstore and cut them all up manually, then line the page dimensions in with a pencil and a ruler--total draftsman work. Right now, since I'm too lazy to do any kind of board cutting, I've decided to use biggie-size sketch pads. I was able to find one brand that had the thickness and texture I needed.

My final drawing area is 24.5cm by 35cm, which will be reduced in the final printing to 7" x 10"-- a good reduction of almost 30%.

Note that the above page will NOT appear in the book. It's just my drawing test-run to see if I still "had it." It's got the perspective thing, the close-up thing, and the manga-ish distortion far, so good. Also, drawing the page allowed me to gauge my pace. So far, my speed is still okay, though I don't know how slow I'll get once I tackle the ass-spanking action scenes (and crowd scenes--yikes!).

Then that nagging thought. "Why did I give her all that hair?!!" Oh, well. She wouldn't be Zaturnnah without it.


Xiaobucks said…
May nasesense ako kay Gwyneth....ewan ko ba... parang friend or foe complex yata, ahahaha!!... aabangan ko ang sagot sa tanung ko....paano nakabalik si Zsa Zsa?...Can't Wait! I just absolutely can't Wait!
Anonymous said…
^ Anlakas ng pang-sense mo... parang oo nga noh!!
Xiaobucks said…
Sabi ko nga, may hawig siya kay Diana Ross at kay Tina truner, baka magka-rolling rolling ang buhay ni Zaturnnah ryt? hahaha
Xiaobucks said…
And...may noodles siya tulad ni Dodong ha... Smiling face
monsanto said…
Very Nice preview! preview na nga ba? hehe :)

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