Friday, March 21, 2008

So Far, My Top Five

Following are the top five blog entries, based on hits:

1) Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007

2) Building a Hot Physique: A Smouldering 300°C

3) Philippine Comics Revival: My View

4) Thirteen Things About Writing...

5) Making Philippine Comics Interesting Again

Okay, so what does this tell me? To generate more hits, I should write more about the creative/business side of Pinoy comics... and hunky men.

I was asked before if I could do stuff like what (Warning: Adult Content) this guy and this guy does, and I'm positive I could pull it off somehow. Prolly make more money out of it. But... I dunno...


Anonymous said...

Buti pa ikaw may Hits, ako walang Hits, puro Glitch! hehehe, I saw your drawn ad schemes for Queen Femina and Dodong, Grabe, pang bench ang mga lola (at lolo) then I said to myself (What a wonderful world) how I wished I could draw as good as you... since hindi naman talaga ako ganun kagaling magdrawing, nag photoshop nalang ako..hehehe check it out naman po... :D (sorry for the unauthorized use of logos and emblems hehehe...)...

Once More - God bless

Rachelle said...


OMG that was so...Dakota-Harrison! :)

Siya nga pala, Happy Easter. Hehe.

Carver said...

xiao bao chan... naku, pagpraktisan mo rin ang pag-drowing! Marami kang mapaglaruan. :-)

rachelle... kakatense, diba? Happy Easter!


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