Sunday, March 23, 2008

Should David Archuleta Win?

I don't think he should. There, I said it.

He's obviously very talented, charming, and cute, and a record deal isn't inconceivable whether he wins American Idol or not. Methinks his first album will have mostly ballads, taking advantage of his soothing vocals.

But at his age, he's still very vulnerable and impressionable. And we know what happens to very young people who get instant, overwhelming, worldwide fame. Plus, his religious background can add to the strain.

When people throw Nemo out of the ocean and into the hood of the sharks, who's going to save him?


Ed said...

I agree. He's good but I don't think he can sing other type of songs.

Too bad, yung manok ko si Asia'h Epperson natanggal. I like her voice.


nida said...

bat ba sobrang nakaka-adik tong AI na ito?... hehehe...

i agree with your comments. tingin din namin, based on his performances, iisa ang atake niya sa mga kanta. lam mo yung artists na pag narinig mo yung isang kanta nila, pare-pareho na lang ng tunog yung iba pa nilang kanta? ganun ang dating sa amin ni archuleta.

as for ramiel, we love her dahil magaling siya, at syempre, dahil noypi... BUT kelangan niyang matuto ng performing skills. she looks boring compared to the other finalists. any way we can reach her? ;p

Carver said...

ed... agree ako about Asia'h. Nagtaka nga ako at maaga siyang nawala.

nida... oo nga, dapat gulatin na tayo ni Ramiele. Para siyang di naeengganyo sa performances niya. May hangganan ang little-girl-with-the-big-voice kung hindi siya hahataw.

Reno said...

David Cook dapat manalo! :)

kc cordero said...

the female cook is hot. look at her killer abs!

Carver said...

reno... yuppers, David Cook is great,! Ang galing niya with "Billie Jean," though medyo mayabang nang slight ang dating niya.

kc... package deal si Ms. Cook, at ripe i-develop for stardom. Okey naman siya para sa akin, she just needs to choose the right songs. :)

kc cordero said...

i agree with you. and she looks a lot prettier in her casuals and sans makeup.
more right songs for her and she's in the thick of the fight.
ramielle's cute anyway and can sing but my wife sensed that music's not really the young girl's passion.


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