Sunday, March 02, 2008

The New Madonna Sound

Well, not exactly "her" sound. Madonna goes through another re-invention with Hard Candy, her latest studio album which features contemporary R&B and hip-hop. Co-producers include Timbaland and Pharrell Williams, so it's going to be interesting how Madge manages to blend in with this musical style.

R&B isn't a stranger to Madonna, really. She dabbled with it in her mid-90s Bedtime Stories album, the one that spawned the hit singles Secret and that karaoke favorite Take a Bow. But there's a big difference with Hard Candy--if you're familiar with the "Timbaland sound," that's more or less what you're going to get.

Timbaland's Way I Are, Apologize and Scream are some of my current favorites, so I'm personally very excited about Madge's new album--much, much more than Confessions on A Dance Floor, which I didn't bother to buy.

I did something really bad and took an audio peek at Hard Candy's first single 4 Minutes, even though it's supposed to be officially released at the end of March. I really, really like it, but it doesn't sound like a Madonna single. It's more like a Timbaland single featuring Justin Timberlake (he sings here) and Madonna. The music bed overpowers the stars.

Oh well... I'm still buying. The album comes out late-April.

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