Thursday, March 13, 2008

Comics In Fashion

Got an email from Budjette about Prada. Not that Budj is into Prada, but more the fact that the high-profile fashion label has the work of a comics artist gracing its spring collection.


The artwork is courtesy of James Jean, a Taiwanese-American known for his elegant covers for DC Vertigo's Fables. According to Comics212, Jean announced the collaboration with Prada last summer. To see more of the fabulous designs, you can click here.

Coincidentally, my boss and I were going over an issue of Harper's Bazaar this afternoon, and saw an image that appeared in its August 2007 issue, the month where the Simpsons donned haute couture and graced the mag's special fashion feature (with a Simpsonized version of supermodel Linda Evangelista).


I saw that issue when it came out, and thought to myself, "Awww, something I've always wanted to do." Thus, leading me to execute those fantasy renderings of Queen Femina and Dodong in fake ads. Call me the dreaming fool, but I had envisioned the Zaturnnah characters all dolled up in Philippine high fashion and appearing in Preview or Mega, all for good and clean fun. But, really, would the celebrated Monique Lhuillier, Josie Natori, Rajo Laurel--or any prominent designer in the scene-- agree to have their creations worn by the likes of Zaturnnah, Queen Femina, et al.?

Look na lang ako sa sky.


Angelo said...

wooohooo! i think this is your first blog entry that has the word "prada" in it. hehehe! i thought the "fairy" collection of ms. prada was whimsical and unexpected. great collection.

as for queen femina and zsazsa doing fashion spreads, why not? although i think they're either for victoria's secret or for a really contemporary designer like jovovich-hawk or maybe james reyes and puey quiƱones.

maria said...

Wow! I want the bag, please... not because it's Prada, but because of the design, he he.
Type ko rin makita ang mga Z characters sa fashion show... di kaya matalbugan ni Didi si Queen Femina at ZsaZsa?

Carver said...

angelo... naku, di ko kilala ang mga pangalan na 'yan. Maging fashion journalist ka kaya? :-)

maria... talbugan kung talbugan! :-)


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