Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where Are The Pinoy Comics?

I'm just curious. With all the talent I see at the Komikon, why hasn't there been a steady output of comics work produced for mass distribution? Over the past ten years, from Arnold Arre's Mythology Class to Arnold Arre's Andong Agimat, there have only been a handful of company-backed comics work that have been produced. While the indie scene is admirable, its output has gone largely unnoticed except to those in the know.

Whenever I get the chance (which is rare), I try to encourage creators to knock on the doors of publishing houses. I'd like to think that, somehow, these companies have become a little more open to publishing comics. However, many still opt for the self-published route which, distribution-wise, doesn't go very far unless the creator goes the extra mile.

Is there a concern that's not readily apparent? Talent? Contacts? Confidence? Passion? Endurance? Economics? Or are our comics creators generally a modest, humble bunch who'd rather stay in the sidelines? Is there the feeling of not "being ready" for the next bold step? Maybe a lot of them are plying their trade on the Web, gunning for the larger international market.

I don't know.

Maybe industry observers can shed some light on this matter.


Ed said...

Sa tingin ko, most artists don't want to be controlled with their creations. Kasi kung lalapit sa mga publishers syempre totally involved na sila sa creation ng isang artist/writer. Business kasi, kaya alam natin na main target ng mga publishers ay (once again) ang masa.

I wish I have more time to do more local comics. Haaaay.

monsanto said...

Naguguluhan ang mga creators ngayon kung saan lalapit. Madalas kasi di nagkakasundo sa rights. Marami sa publishers kasi na sariling kapakanan lang ang sinisecure. Yung iba, pa nga libre nila napapagawa ang writer/artists. So sino ba talaga ang may sala?

Marami pa rin naman lumabas ah. Tulad ng TOPAK. Caparas, Love Notes, for example are company driven titles.

Komiks will only flourish kung mapaplantsa na ang dapat para sa mga gumagawa nito.

Sa tingin ko lang. Maaari naman na mali ako :)

Joel Chua said...

If I asked myself why I haven't put out anything of my own (in the local market)... I'd say it was because of Commitment.

I am by far, as one person put it, a mercenary. Practical. Punctual. Profit-seeking. This leads me to think that there would be other artists like me.

I have not been able to truly commit to my own local project. It has every bit to do with who I am, and NOT the circumstances the market is in.

I think the seeds of many Pinoy Comics and Animation... lie in the hearts of the many artists and writers who are struggling to truly commit to the fickle way of dreams.

Carver said...

Thanks for the input, guys. :-)

Ed... naku, kelangan gumawa ka na rin! Biliiiisss! :)

monsanto... yah, dapat plantsado ang sistema niyan. Marami ngang lumalabas para sa masa. E kung sa middle class kaya, bakit kakaunti lang? :(

Joel... yes, commitment is another thing altogether. :)


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