Thursday, February 28, 2008

What Do Publishers Have To Say?

In an earlier post, I asked why there hasn't been a lot of output in the local comics scene in the past few years, and I'd like to thank those who have offered their insights. It seems that many creators are concerned about creative control, as they have had sad experiences. This can account for, instead, the crop of indie releases which many may not have heard of, largely due to limited exposure and distribution.

Over at the Multiply version of that previous blog entry, an interesting proposal came up. Why not hear the publishers' take on it? There are companies that have produced graphic novels and serialized anthologies, so is it possible to create a special forum in the next Komikon wherein these companies can meet comics creators to discuss the sensitive issue of creative control and author rights? It won't boil down to a debate--the point of the forum will be to see both sides of the issue, to see where the publishers and the creators are coming from. Creators can even voice out their concerns and fears, and the publishers will get the opportunity to offer analysis, even recommendations.

The forum can also allow publishers to tell creators what kind of material they're looking for and what audience they particularly serve. It won't be about commissioned work; it's going to be solely for creator-initiated work. It's likely, however, that these publishers won't divulge the contents of their contracts.

Sounds like a good idea. What'cha think?

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