Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Hate Hate Hate Book Sales!!!

If there are people who splurge on fashion, or video games, or car accessories, I splurge on books.

Well, used to splurge on books. I'm keeping a tight rein on spending on more volumes until I've read each of my purchases. To help me with my therapy, I visited the book sale currently happening at Bestsellers, on the top floor of Galleria. I stepped in and ogled at the large signs that screamed "Up to 75% off!"'re not going to get me this time.

Here are some of the books I've previously purchased from the bargain bins. I've gone through about about a fourth of each. All satisfying reads so far.

Over the Edge of The World: Magellan's Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe
by Laurence Bergreen

So it wasn't just Lapu-lapu who killed Magellan. In this book, Bergreen takes his extensive research and gives us an inside look at what really happened to Magellan, from his roots in Portugal to his demise in the hands of hack-happy villagers in Mactan. The books continues with the survivors' journey back to Spain. Part history lesson, part epic story, this isn't a snoozey.

Interview by Charles Brownstein

Put together Will Eisner and Frank Miller and what do you get? An interesting and insightful look at the craft and industry of comics, straight from the mouths of two who have "been there-been that." It's easy to read, too, since it's structured as a Q&A between the two comic greats. If you want to know what they really think about the comics industry, then you'll find the blood and guts in this book, along with their musings about their own projects.

by Keith Yamashita and Sandra Spataro

This is one of those productivity business books that seeks to help teams and organizations get out of an operational rut, through strategies that promote teamwork, big-picture thinking, value recognition, metrics consciousness, internal harmony, and all that yummy stuff. Each spread features a tip that addresses specific decision-making concerns, so one can just open up the book and find something worth applying.


Angelo said...

were these books from last night? mwehehe! i want to go to that bestsellers, too!!! eeeeppp! sorry, i had to cancel last night. @#$@%#!!! hehe! take care. biggest hugs! 0=)

Anonymous said...

You got "Eisner/Miller" from the bargain bins? Wow! Some people have all the luck!

midicrux said...

Carlo, I have a copy of Bergreen's book...and it beats PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN blind! Really! It's great to know that the Philippines is a major geographical player in the circumnavigation of the globe: it ended a man's dream to be "that" person...hehehe.

Incidentally, that book got me "flirt points" with a guy (you know who!) who remarked, "You carry the funkiest books around!"

Flirt points, my dahling! Flirt points! Don't just sit there with it; bring it along as an accessory!!! :D

Carver said...

angelo... hindi po. matagal na ang mga librong 'yon, kaya matinding pagpipigil ang ginagawa ko. :)

anonymous... There were a lot of it when I got my copy. :)

midicrux...oh my, thanks for the tip! Pero baka may intimidation factor diyan, 'di kaya? Heheheh


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