It's happened a few times to me this year, and I believe everyone has gone through this at one time or another.

I was at the Gateway mall with a friend. We were having coffee at the al fresco area of a restaurant and catching up on careers, love lives, and dreams, when my attention was caught by a guy in the near distance. He was waving in my direction. In my mind, I thought that he was waving to someone inside the restaurant, but then there was a dessert bar right behind me. I froze, didn't know how to react.

Was he waving at me? Was he someone I had met once? If so, did I forget? Should I pretend recognition? Gawd, I must've looked like a major snob...

If there's anyone out there who in the past may have waved or smiled at me only to be met by my blank stare, I humbly apologize nang bonggang-bongga. Note that when you do this from a distance, especially if we had met once and only very briefly, a thousand thoughts can run through my head in a second. My hard drive can hang.

It's a very awkward experience, and I hope I haven't been giving anyone any wrong signals.



Anonymous said…

It happens. The culprit ? failing eyesight.

Anonymous said…
I'm usually the weird one wavy at strangers.
Joriben Zaballa said…
It happens all the time. Though with me, my eyes are the culprit. I can't recognize anyone from a far. Specially during night time.

At minsan, nakakahiya rin yung kakaway ka pabalik tapos hindi pala ikaw yung kinakawayan.
monsanto said…
Teka, di kaya mga Groupies mo yan? wow parang Rockstar ka na ah hehe :)
Anonymous said…

Ganyan tlaga pag star...

Carver said…
Auggie... failing brain? :-)

exene... *wave* :)

jori... Nangyari na sa akin 'yung may kinawayan ako tapos mali pala. Kakahiya. :)

monsanto... uy, sobra ka. Heheh :)

me!... Isa ka pa. :)
Anonymous said…

Failing Brain ? too premature for that. If you are in my age range, siguro....


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