Friday, February 01, 2008

Scent of a Gay

It's old news, but worth bringing up again. (And forgive the title's bad English--couldn't resist.)

In 2005, the news reported of the growing scientific evidence that homosexuality is rooted in biology. The studies involved sweaty t-shirts.

Using brain imaging technology, scientists in Sweden found that the sex centers (specifically the hypothalmus) of women and gay men responded in the same manner when exposed to the shirts worn by straight men. Conversely, straight men's brains responded to the scent of women, and not of gay men.

What's more interesting is a study conducted in Philadelphia. The team of neuroscientist Charles Wysocki discovered that while gay men do respond to the scent of straight men, they preferred the scent of gay men. This, of course, assumes that the test subjects did not put on any kind of scent-enhancing agents during the length of the study.

So... gay men have a distinct scent? Is this the "scent of a gay"?

More importantly, how much does scent figure into that otherworldy detection device known as "gaydar?" (Ponyetang bakla ka! Naaamoy kita!!)

We can't be sure, since there still appears to be no conclusive evidence to support human senstivity to pheromones, or that pheromones actually affect human sexual response.

In any case, if you're not sure if that hot jock is gay or not, ask for a sweaty t-shirt and give it a mighty whiff. Fill your damn lungs with his man-scent. And if cartoon flowers bloom about your head along with the tell-tale strum of a harp, shout 'hallelujah!' and take a rainbow trip to Valhalla. You're a gay, mister!

Howzabout smell me, too?


KEL said...

i also read in Time about a research done some 20 years ago that the size of the hypothalamus of women are smaller than men. and that gay men tend to have smaller hypothalamus than straight men. the thing that was missing tho was whether gay women's hypothalamus were larger than straight women. so the mystery continues. btw, did u catch that ep on Tyra where a scientist had 6 physical ways of determining gay men? swirl of their hair is clockwise i think(from the puyo), ring finger is shorter than the middle finger, way they walked, mannerisms/way they talked, pictures from childhood and i forget the last bit.

Carver said...

Hello! My cousin told me about that Tyra show. It's the ring finger and the index finger, not the middle finger. My ring finger is about the same length as my index finger, so based on that I guess I'm gay. :-)

Angelo said...

interesting news, pero medyo nakaka-takot ito kung may katotohanan siya...miss you, carlo pogi... see you soon.

Rachelle said...

In fairness, mabango ka Carl, hindi ka amoy malansa, haha! :D

This study reminds me of one of the medical journals sent by the Men's Health people--that of Israeli men in a scientific study who subjected themselves to wearing briefs and boxer shorts that were wired to heaters to see if it affected their genitals and sperm count! What people do for science (and money) talaga! :)

Anonymous said...


I think scents are heavily " screened out" by cologns, eau de toilettes, and aftershaves.

BTW, what do you use ? let me guess, Old Spice ? English Leather ? or That Man ?

About the awesome powers of our olfactory system, yes , they really guide you whether its a turn -on, or turn- off.


maria said...

Hmmm... it could be your smell. And I thought it was your smile that won me over, ha ha ha! Now I know why I always sit next to you back then ;p

Carver said...
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Carver said...

angelo guapo... mishu! Hugs :-)

rachelle... yup, the things they do for science. I read somewhere about studies involving flatulence.

Auggie... I'm currently using a cologne by Zen Zest. They have a nice line based on liquor, strange as it may sound. I like the way a musky scent reacts to my own chemistry. There was a time I used Polo Sport and CK, too.

maria... ikaw talaga, girl.


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