Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hardly Desparate

So Resiklo bags Best Picture at the recent MMFF Gabi Ng Parangal, thanks largely to their technical awards haul apart from substantial box office returns. Congratulations to the producers.

I caught Desperadas last Friday, and the Joel Lamangan chick-flick proved to be highly entertaining for the most part. I guess leaving expectations at the parking lot does work wonders. But, truth to tell, the film was worth the watch. The plot lines between the four leads connected well. Nothing too complex or dramatic, but just enough to keep things interesting. Roy Iglesias' screenplay was clean and smooth, and Joel Lamangan's direction was confident and casual. I didn't notice any glaring on-screen product placements, except for that odd breast cancer infomercial before the end credits.

(Incidentally, I was watching Cinema One at the printing press and Chito Roño's Babae sa Bintana was on, also written by Roy Iglesias. I had seen the film during its commercial run and found it to be a solid piece of local cinema, with no other than Rosanna Roces in the title role. She should go back to making movies. She should. Heck, she would have been great in Desperadas!)

Another good thing about Desperadas is that it decides not to employ a cast of thousands sharing almost the same amounts of screen time. And save for a few off moments--mostly involving Will DeVaughn and Jay-R--I'll say that Desperadas is watchable and satisfying. Again, leave expectations at the parking lot.

I wonder, though, how different the experience would be if the first cast pushed through. Do recall that the plan was to have Ruffa Gutierrez along with Dawn Zulueta, Pops Fernandez and Gretchen Barretto. But instead, the latter three gave way to Iza Calzado, Marian Rivera, and Rufa Mae Quinto due to scheduling problems.

But, judging from the finished film, I'm sure a lot of things were altered in the story to fit the younger actors. It's sad, though. I would have really wanted to see Ruffa, Dawn, Pops and Gretchen together in one film. When does that ever happen in local cinema?


JORI said...

I watched Desperadas and I enjoyed it. Though I think the original cast should have made a good lineup for the movie, this movie proves women can be as intimidating as us, men.

Who said men don't watch chick flicks, hahaha.

Ed said...

My first impression on Desperadas TV trailer..."Desperate Houswives"? Was it?

Jori: some men don' me. Local ones though. Haha! I'm bias. But I would like to watch Resiklo.



Carver said...

jori... Well, I'd like to think that most guys would watch a chick flick only if a girl asked them to. :)

ed... Okey naman ang Resiklo, though merong mga sablay if you're finicky with films like those.

And, Desparadas is remotely similar to Desparate Housewives. Just a little bit, which is good. :)

Ed said...

Carver, yeah, I might lots of it nga. Sa Superman Returns may mga nakita nga akong CGI's na sablay eh. Hehehe.

I'm sure sa Resiklo marami akong makikita. Hindi naman siguro parang "Where's Wally?" ang mga makikita ko. :D




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