Sunday, January 27, 2008

Birthday weekend

Just a summary of what's been happening...

I didn't do much last Friday, but spent it mostly feeling good. The day was bright and sunny, the kind that wasn't too hot and had a hint of dryness in the air. The morning was spent just bumming over the Web, then lunch took me to Tapa King along Pioneer where I had my usual.

I walked to Dome at the Shangri-La mall to have a couple of cups of coffee. I missed being idle or, more accurately, being able to push aside urgent tasks for just one day. I brought a book along with me--one of those assembly-line self-help guides-- just in case my fingers ached for some activity, but found myself unable to go through a page. I just sat there, watching people, my mind mostly blank.

The grocery store was next. I had to replenish my fruit supply. Fruits have been a major reason for my dropping by the grocery store, and have been good meal substitutes. I just pop some into a blender, add ice and a fiber and protein supplement, and blend away.

Then I went home, and bummed out again, as well as answering messages from well wishers. (Thanks, peeps, for the greets!) By sundown, the feeling of self-hatred began to well. I chastised myself for being unproductive, but then another voice reassured me that I needed that day.
It was all good.

Saturday had a little bit more excitement for me, given that I haven't been painting the town red lately. (Not that I ever painted any town red, really, more like a distinct periwinkle.) The afternoon was for a bit of the arts--Tanghalang Pilipino had Kudeta onstage. I was accompanied by Tuxqs Rutaquio (who designed a stylized but appropo set) and Eugene Domingo (fresh from her supporting actress win). Bravo to TP, bravo to director Floy Quintos, and bravebravobravo to the incomparable Mario O'Hara and the engaging Bong Cabrera.

After dinner, I headed for World Music Room at the Promenade, Greenhills for a new round of videoke warbling. This time I was with my Summit co-workers, and I had a great time trying out a few new songs as well as rendering a number of my standard ditties.

And what did I do when I got home? Back to work.

Later--4:30 a.m. as I write this--I visit the family for a post-birthday merienda. All in all, a great way to spend my 26th birthday. (I've been 26 for the past eight years by sheer chutzpah.)


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