Three Duds

Enteng Kabisote 4

This franchise has proven to be a top moneymaker ever since the first installment came out, so the producers should have been gracious enough to actually invest a little more money to make it really good across all aspects of moviemaking. But life can be unfair. So unfair.

The Good: The flashbacks using footage from Okey Ka, Fairy Ko. An unnecessarily long-winded sequence, but great for nostalgia.

Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo

The first movie (Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo) is light years better than this. There were a number of good laughs here, but three-fourths into the episodic Sakal..., I began to wonder if the movie would ever end.

The Good: Director Jose Javier Reyes' cameos.


For all its CG and production design efforts, Resiklo suffered from its own ambitions.

The Good: Mylene Dizon, who unfortunately had only a bit part; and the first battle of the resiklo robot; CG is improving overall.


nida said…
we've heard good feedbacks from last year's "Shake, Rattle and Roll" kaya go kami ni hubby this time kahit di pa namin napanood yung last year's. 1/4 pa lang ng "christmas tree", hikab na kami ng hikab. halfway (ng unang episode huh!), lusaw na utak namin. pero dahil masokista kami, tinapos namin ang 3 episodes. inisip ko, penance na lang sa lahat ng kasalanan namin ng 2007.

nasaan si manilyn reynes? kasalanan yata niya dahil wala siya sa SRR ngayon kaya ganito ang nangyari... ididemanda ko si manilyn reynes.
Carver said…
nida... hahah! Nung pinanood ko nga ang EK4, gusto kong umalis 1/3 into the movie, pero sabi ko huwag na lang, para I have something to bitch about. :)

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