Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Trying Out Ben Templesmith

The highlight of the afternoon's session with Ben Templesmith was a quick demo by the man himself of how he creates a piece of art. Fiddling Photoshop on his Mac, Templesmith pieced together various graphical elements with one of his raw illustrations to come up with the kind of searing artwork we get to see on his comics pages. His method is deceptively simple, and yet one still needs a keen sense of light and shadow as well as color and texture to do the job right.

The moment I got home, I made a quick sketch and tried out his system, resulting in the image shown here (click to enlarge). Templesmith said that he doesn't mind others copying his style (such a darling, isn't he?). An artist, however, would benefit more if he or she added a personal spin to the method. It can be a great addition to the creative arsenal.

The session was held at the CSB School of Design and Arts building, and it was great to rub elbows again with some of our local artists and creators. I felt inspired after chatting at length with them. However, I couldn't get myself to have a picture taken with Templesmith. Shyness overcame me.

Many thanks to Gerry Alanguilan, Benjie Marasigan, and Gerard Torres for having us over.


Elbert said...

Cool! Haha! Next book ganyan na! :)

azrael said...

hhahhaa.you did your assignment.
i did mine too hahaaa.

i learned how to make vampires:)in my blog

Rachelle said...

Eyelove it! :)

Carver said...

Heheheheh. Ang siste...after making that first piece...parang nakalimutan ko na 'yung method. Kainis!


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