Monday, November 12, 2007

Short of a Slaughter

Lions for Lambs is one of those movies that can make us head into that existentialist zone, where we question the choices we've made and figure out what direction we ought to take in the future, all in the name of living the full, meaningful life that our grandchildren can be proud of. More than just commentary about how apathetic the world has become, the film attempts to reach into the individual, pulling at conscience strings and prodding the viewer to take a long, hard look at his place in the state of things.

And this is the primary problem with this Robert Redford-helmed film. While I like talkie films, Lions For Lambs is talk without internal progression or transformation. About the only character who has goes through some kind of intense dilemma is Meryl Streep's veteran journalist. But it's a debate movie overall, better meant for the theater stage than on the silver screen. To its credit, however, the verbal exchange isn't entirely boring, and I appreciate how it all connects in the end.

Lions for Lambs provides an opportunity to get some blood into the brain without the numbness. But the trailers set you up to being duped. (which I think is the only way to sell this film). The film packaged as a political thriller but, the truth is, you get more of the politics and less of the thrills.

Oh, and Tom Cruise is still too pretty to play a senator.

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