Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PELICULA: An Online Novel

If you guys have the time, do check out this online novel by a good pal o' mine, Palanca-award winner David Hontiveros. His dark fantasy novellas Takod, Craving, and Parman are still available at the bookstores. The online novel is entitled Pelicula.

What's Pelicula about? Well, take your average Joe named Luis Conrado who shot to fame playing the role of a superhero in one of those fantaseryes. But Luis Conrado's got powers. Real superpowers.

Thing is, he's not the only bloke in the showbiz industry with superpowers. And some of them are pretty nasty.

The first few chapters are now online. Do check them out. The site will be updated weekly.

Also at the site, a gallery of Habagat (that's the name of the superhero). With illustrations by me, Ian Sta, Maria, Kajo Baldisimo, Bow Guerrero, Ronnie Tres Reyes, Dennis Crisostomo, Arvie Villenia, Reno Maniquis, Oliver Pulumbarit, Aldin Viray, and Edgar Tadeo.

If you know anyone who might be interested in the story, do refer them to the website. Thanks much!

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