Saturday, November 03, 2007

Blast From The Past

I started conceptualizing the Zaturnnah sequel way before the musical or the movie ever turned up. And, as I had mentioned in a previous post, putting a sequel together isn't easy especially when it wasn't in the grand plan to begin with. But here I am, halfway through the 2nd act of the sequel script, and I'm making one delicious discovery after another.

Going through my old files, I found this (click on the image to enlarge):

It's part of a scene between Ada and Lester, and it's going to be in the sequel. I drew this sometime during the first quarter of 2005--nearly three years ago!--just before I was accepted at Summit Publishing. While it's tempting to ram my head through a brick wall for being too slow, I content myself with the thought of not rushing this story through. The sequel syndrome can be a terrible thing and, with the new knowledge I've been getting over the recent years, I'm glad I waited this long. Enough about putting a story together on impulse. It's time to grow up.


Anonymous said...


I'm very impressed by your drawing skills, as well as your story-telling. How did a Marketing major acquired those skills ? maybe you can share us your secret ?
I thought all along you were on the Humanities/Arts discipline.
After the sequel, do you have plans on doing some serious stuff ?like the death of Mrs. Juan Luna from her jealous husband ? This need some story-telling to young Filipinos...


Anonymous said...

Kamukha ni Erap si Lester...strange...o baka ako lang yun...

barbra s.

balbona said...


Ang lufehhht!

Teka ha, natatawa ako, fero, farang kahawig yata ni fafa gerry si lester, hwekwekwek!

Angelo said...

hey pogi! miss you. let's hang out soon, alright? take care.

me! said...

Hi Carv,

It's me.. I like it a lot. Sa totoo lang, ang sarap sa mata ng mga drawings mo, khit na walang kulay, parang buhay na buhay ung mga characters and ung eksena. I can't wait for the sequel...
Alam mo bang depressed ako ngaun, at nung nkita ko ung yan, lalo lang akong na-depress... But mine was a different story. Hehehe. Ingat po


Carver said...

Auggie... Ay, maraming salamat. :-) I was already drawing as a kid, but I didn't want to take up Fine Arts in college. My thinking was that drawing was a hobby, and I didn't want it to be part of my profession. However, Fate took me elsewhere. :-)

I want to do different stories in the future, and something historical is not a far-fetched idea. Research lang naman ang kalaban diyan, eh.

barbra s. and balbona... Kamukha ni Erap? Kahawig ni Gerry? Nakows, universal ang appeal ni Lester!

angelo... Sabado night, most probably. :-)

me!... Nakakagulat naman 'yang comment mo. :-( I hope you feel better soon. Ingat lagi!

Rachelle said...


Type ko ang hairdo ni Ada sa illustration na ito! Parang Jackie O by way of bading beauty parlor! :)

Also, the man looks like one of my exes. Bad omen, di ba? Ahahaha! :)


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