Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nice In A Way

This graphic is part of a screen capture from the official Gawad Urian website.

So from under my nose, I've been co-nominated with Dinno Erece for screenplay. So does this mean I can actually put "Gawad Urian nominee" in my credits, even if the movie solely credits Dinno? I haven't been formally informed of this nomination and I didn't even get an invite to the Urian awards night.

I'm not complaining about not getting invited, really. It just makes things a tad... ambiguous.


Gerry Alanguilan said...

At any rate, ambiguous or not, congrats!! You absolutely deserve it!

Angelo said...

ang taray. urian na ito. may naiisip akong tag line kaya lang sasampalin mo ako. hehehe!

Carver said...

gerry... salamat. :-)

angelo... Ano, dadagdagan ba natin ng "ng" diyan? :-) Mishu!


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