I've never read the Potter books...

... so for those who've read the whole thing, did you ever suspect that Dumbledore was gay?

Pretty wild, if you ask me.


raine pimentel said…
well he did try to monopolize the boy hero.

This puts a new spin on "I'm dumbledore's man, through and through"
I'm gaydar is pretty sharp, but no, there were no indications at all that Dumbledore was gay. JK Rowling said that she did leave clues, but I've read the books and I've never noticed anything.
maria said…
Nope. I think Rowling has to spell out which parts and in which book she said she hinted on Dubledore being gay. I think it's a ploy to get readers interested again... why? Because after the last book, interest is wanning which might jinx the movies still about to come out. I've always said the book series could have been shorter, it might have made the story a lot better.
Carver said…
raine... oh, Harry said that?

gerry... Hmmm, I never knew may Cerebro powers ka rin. :-)

maria... Interesting. Makes a lot of sense. Given that two movies pa ang kelangan nilang ilabas, they would need to keep the interest up in some way.

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