Sunday, October 21, 2007

Interesting So Far: From Super Funny Komix #3

Blanco Negro: Carlo J. Caparas, Dell Barras

Two kids, one naughty and one nice. Two unusually talented gamecocks (that’s chickens for you), one black and one white. An interesting setup. While it’s easy to assume that the fowls would meet face-to-face during one of those “derbies of the century,” I’d like to think that there’s a twist somewhere. Dell Barras’ art is easy on the eyes--the angular lines and Western-style detailing are a pleasant surprise.

Tintona: Andy Beltran, Ding Abubot

The curious Tintona discovers that her two overbearing aunts possess a secret, involving a covered well, sealed shut by a lock, and a mysterious ring. This story installment shows further unraveling of the plot, which is intruiguing so far. There’s an appealing quirkiness in Ding Abubot’s art style, and I love how renders trees and plants.

The Babe and the Beasts: Gilda Olvidado and Joey D. Celerio

An orphaned but silver-spooned Andrew finds protection from five dogs and his beautiful nanny Marian. Evil relatives barge into his home, and the household seems helpless. But the intruders are about to face a potential threat, hidden under a particularly enormous bed. Joey D. Celerio’s brushwork is classic Pinoy, though the thick lines get in the way of detailing. Still, the “Celerio style” is one of the reasons I fell in love with Pinoy komiks.

Other notables: The art of Mike Lemsi on May Hatid na Biyaya (written by Vher C. Domingo) and Joe Mari Mongcal on Andres de Saya (written by Carlo J. Caparas).

Wishes: Change the lettering typeface of Elastika (by Rod Santiago), and change the title “Super Funny Komix” to something else, since there’s hardly anything that’s super-funny.


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