Real Living Space

The official blog of Real Living magazine just went online! So if you want to check out the home decor and design scene, or at least see what's available in the local market, Real Living Space can give you that kind of fix every week.

If you want to get a preview of Real Living's latest issue, you can click here. It'll also give you an idea of my approach to page design, based on the magazine's marketing brief.

If there's one fine lesson that I learned from being part of this mag is that having a stylish and attractive room boils down to knowing where to look and knowing what the spending priorities are. For instance, I had spent about P900 on a human anatomy book that didn't give me much, and wished thereafter that I had yanked that gorgeous metallic modern desklamp off the Robinsons Department store shelf instead -- for almost the same price. I could've put the lamp to good use beside my drawing table.


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