Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Few Things

1. The nominees for the 30th Gawad Urian Awards have been recently released. The Zaturnnah film has been cited in the following categories: Director, Actor, Supporting Actress, Sound, Musical Score, Screenplay, and Production Design. The Gawad Urian, to be held on September 13th at the Ateneo, is given out by the film critics group Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

2. I'll most probably attend tonight's Cosmo Bachelor Bash. I hope this year's hunk-a-rama will be a tad better than last year, where John Pratts' dance performance proved to be the events' highlight.

3. Negotiations are almost done for the Zaturnnah musical's first provincial performance. More on that soon.


Budjette said...

So, the question is, has ZZZ been distributed in those provinces?

Would be a great time to have ZZZ be reprinted in one of the monthly magazines that also get nationwide distribution. Yes? :)

Then when you do the tour, people will also want to get a copy of the TPB.

Carver said...

Hello Budj...

Yes, distribution has been covering the major cities nationwide, from Baguio to Davao. :-)

I've already alerted the publisher about the possible tour.

Reprinting the book in magazines isn't really part of the plan, since I don't think releasing the material in four- or eight-page installments would work. Great suggestion, though. :)

Budjette said...

what about re-releasing it in 24-page installments, published on that "white newspaper" and including it in a glossy showbiz magazine?


Carver said...

budj... that's an option. Kaninong budget na lang ang magiging isyu. :)

balbona said...

Papa Carver,


para sa provincial tour!!!




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