Thursday, August 23, 2007


I haven't drawn anything of substance in a while, just this and a few other thumbs for the Zaturnnah sequel. I did the pencil and ink version of this piece over a month ago, but only attempted to color it last night. Praise to all comics computer colorists! I couldn't imagine myself doing what you folks do.

Japanese anime art had influenced my style during the Marcos-era Voltes V phenomenon. I remember myself drawing in that style--my brother and I would invent our own 80s style mecha--but when the ban on those cartoons was enforced, my style naturally took on other influences. While I did enjoy Nobody's Child, Candy Candy and Ron Ron the Flower Girl (which was as gay as gay could be), I don't recall aching to try out anime-style fashion design.

One of my more recent influences is Isutoshi, who wowed me with his work on the erotic manga Slut Girl. As it turned out, that was the only Isutoshi I admired--the illustrator's style slightly shifted in a latter project Tende Freeze.

When Graphic Classics editor Tom Pomplun wrote me to say that my realistic style reminded him of Nestor Redondo's work, I wanted to shout, "I'm not worthy!!" (Kasi ba naman, ibang level na of godhood si Sir Redondo.) Though the realism I've always tried to achieve with my work will definitely be my default, the so-called "manga style" will be an indelible part of it, and I like the flexibility the fusion of styles affords. I can swing both ways when I need to (making me, in effect, "bi").


Budjette said...


very interesting :)

is that Zaturnnah-anime version?

or will that be one of ZZZ's enemies?


go Carl, go!!!

ten e. said...

zaturnnah zequelle...cheers, carver!

candy candy! ;-) nag childhood flashback ako! well, I actually drew mazinger z.


Marc Ambrosio said...

Cool sample of art you got there. Too bad if you did a sample of that before in the early 90's, I bet the style would be of use in the F-point project of that time. :D Oh well.

decorator said...


Carver said...

budjette...wala akong maisip na magandang kulay ng buhok eh. :-)

ten e... crush ko noon si Koji Kabuto, hahah!!, though mas fans ako ni Voltes V.

marc... naku, and nakaraan nga naman...

deco... hmmm...

Ed said...

Wow. Flexible ka pala sa style. Kaya nagustuhan ko lalo ang ZZZ kasi meron mga drawings na cartoony (compliment yun ha!) and realistic. Not like yung iba, they're stuck with Garfield-like style...lalalalala. *whistles*


Carver said...

Ed... hay, pero may ineptitude naman ako sa pagkulay!! O 'di kaya'y kulang ako sa tiyaga. Kaya saludo ako sa inyo! :)

tobie said...



Definitely may tentacles ito!


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