Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Zaturnnah Sequel

It's taken a long time. And maybe it'll take some more.

Left and right, people ask me about Book 2. After almost a year of thinking about the project, I've found myself bouncing back and forth between going for it or setting it aside indefinitely, if not forever. Indeed, Book 1 ended with "The End," and it should've been that way for our fiery-haired heroine. That was, at least, how I had envisioned it way before people started calling her the newest addition to Philippine pop culture. As I've said repeatedly over so many interviews, this blessing was totally unexpected and, given that, a follow up wasn't necessarily part of the plan.

I feel great now. I'm happy overall. I've gone through over two years of self-administered therapy to get this far, and I definitely wouldn't want to let that investment go to waste. So I haven't been in that zone where introspection about life's philosophies have been deep enough to catalyze miracles of personal creativity, the same zone that allowed the Zaturnnah spark to bloat into the book you see on the store shelves.

So putting together a story for Book 2 has, from a creative whirlwind standpoint, been more like puffs of amorphous, gaseous ideas trying their best to coalesce. I've got a lot of possibilities thought up and a number of sheets filled with outlines, portions of dialog, sketches, designs, and other bits that I'd like to explore. I know the conflicts that would erupt between Ada and Dodong. I know the disposition of Gwyneth, a new character originally mentioned in the first book. I know, more or less, the threats Zaturnnah will be up against.

But there was something missing, the glue that would stick everything together, the same glue that made the first book meaningful beyond it's being a mere collection of one-liners, gayspeak and pop culture references. Through all those months of hanging out alone in cafes talking to myself and imagining story scenarios, the emotional crux of Book 2 was still missing. Even if it did exist, it wasn't urgent enough. I needed it to say something. Because to me, the Zaturnnah story isn't and will never be a gag show. It was never intended to be one.

It was only a few days ago that, finally, I found a point for Book 2. It's a theme I can strongly relate to at this point in my life. That having settled, the myriad ideas began to connect, and I was able to breathe easier. A chunk of the other ideas I've had wouldn't be needed, unfortunately. (Maybe they'll be good for a third book, IF I decide to make one, or for a new graphic novel.)

By the way things are going on presently, however, don't expect a new book this year. That promise I will have to break.


carlo said...

Glad that things are finally coming together! :)

kaput said...

I knew a sequel was in order, but I was kinda thinking that ZZZ has reached its end. Don't get me wrong - I looooooooove ZZZ - first as the graphic novel, and then the musical. I drooled over it, and didn't part with the CD (you signed my CD, omg) until three months later (by that time I knew all the songs by heart, and could sing them in my sleep). But what the hey, reading your latest post has made me excited. I hope everything turns roses for the sequel. I'll be one of the first to get a copy as soon as it's out. :)

alLy said...

i'm just as excited as everyone else about the second book!!! =j
i don't care if it's gonna take a while for it to come out, if it's gonna be next year or the year after. bottomline is: it's coming out and i'll definitely wait for it!!! ;-)

i watched the play last saturday but wasn't able to have my book signed. i was starstruck when you sat beside me even for a while during the play!!!^^ and there were a lot of people around you after, i couldn't come nearer.
for that, i promised myself i'll have my moment as soon as your next book's coming out!!! =D

you have my utmost respect and deep admiration, sir!
i just looove you and your works! :-)

i'll see you soon!


decorator said...

tama nang chika... magtrabaho ka na!


balbona said...

hahay, good news na!

kaso, hangtud karon, wala pa ko nakatan-aw sa musical play, WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

(trying hard magbisaya, hehehe....)

Anonymous said...


I really can't wait for the sequel!! BTW, I'm just curious... Did you really intend ZZZ to have a bloody, vibrant red hair, or you actually thought of Kirstin Dunst as Mary Jane Watson's hair??
I'll be looking forward to your reply... : )

Anonymous said...

Sana nga matuloy na yahn! Tama nga si John Lapuz, ibang ibang level na ng kabruhaluhan itoh!!! God bless you always Carver!

R.A. Laborera said...

for whatever things you've decided, we as your fans are here to support ;)

Carver said...

Thanks everyone, for the support and the patience. :-)

ally... naku, ibang level na ang "starstruck." Sana nagpakilala ka. :-)

decorator... ANG TARAY!! :-D

balbona... heheheh... about the musical, kaya mo bang pumuntang Cebu? ;-)

anonymous... The red hair worked best when I was doing the design work for her. Parang mas malakas ang dating.

pat said...

if getting to launch zzz2 means having to hang out by yourself at cafe breton at the podium or at any random coffee shop, to get inspiration for a sequel then by all means drown yourself with caffeine.

maria said...

I'm glad that you're finding reason for a book 2. Hopefully my friend brings me the copy of book 1, miss you Carl.

migs, the manila gay guy said...

Definitely looking forward to ZZZ 2.0! The sangkabaklaan, moi and my loyal MGG readers included, are eagerly awaiting - jaws agape and eyes agog, with feelings, nanginging-nginig pa!


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