Friday, July 27, 2007

Time To Get "Wasted"

If you haven't read Gerry Alanguilan's Wasted, you're missing a lot.

What started out as an 8-part ashcan in the mid-nineties, in a tale about a man who turns homicidal largely due to a broken heart, Wasted has received accolades here and abroad.

In Wasted, Gerry lays bare the violent aspirations of the scorned. He had admitted that this work had been part of his catharsis to a painful experience, hence an artistic "last hurrah" for every evil thought, feeling, and temptation that we may seek to entertain but never succumb to. It's like Brian McKnight's "One Last Cry," in blood instead of tears.

(For all of the comic book's violence, it's hard to imagine its creator being a generous and unassuming sweetheart.)

Wasted is a perfect illustration of the ability of the comics medium in defining, articulating, and expressing the complexities inherent in life, the word and image relationship reconciling and reinforcing the link between conscious and subconscious.

So, if you're ready to unearth a past of heartbreak, head to WebComicsNation and give Wasted a read.


alLy said...

got addicted to "wasted" instantly in the first few pages!

now, i want even more!!! =D

yes, "no longer innocent"... ;-)

Carver said...

ally... heheheh... innocence gets harder to grasp as we grow older. I'm hanging on to it as long as I can. :)


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