The Bird That Made Me Cry

This is the second time Brad Bird made me cry. The first time was through Iron Giant, and now it's through Ratatouille. It's harsh; so deliciously harsh.

Like in Iron Giant, I so wanted to bawl my eyes out. In Ratatouille, there were moments when I laughed and cried at the same time. Any show that manages to draw out raw but conflicting emotions at once gets filed under "genius."

Bird earned an Oscar nomination for his Incredibles screenplay. He deserves another one, and so much more, for Pixar's latest. Ratatouille deserves a Best Picture nom (following Beauty and the Beast in 1992), and Peter O'Toole recognition for a textured Supporting Actor performance. His Anton Ego was sharp and tender at the same time; his rendering of the ending monologue is one for the books.

The reviews trumpet Ratatouille as being a film that reverses the often-stated "cartoon for kids that adults will love, too." This film has a complexity that many young'uns may find difficult to follow, but is no less a feast for their eyes. For adults, the sense of wonder is recaptured and nostalgia is unearthed, where viewers are encouraged to listen at the narrative nuances to complete and heighten the experience.

Now I'm thinking, when was the last time a comic book made me feel that way? And when will a comic book be finally called "for adults, that kids will love, too?"


p said…
i have not seen ratatouille, but the reviews have been good. a far cry from how it did in the box office, coz people hate rats that much.. (like how we would think of roaches)
imagine if the western world had roaches as huge as those we have. :P

the last paragraph made me think..
Unknown said…
i'm not a very big fan of vermins, to say the least. but watching it with my bestfriend last sunday was a small step to help me conquer my fear of remy's kind a little... :P

i loved anton ego's character! =D
and so is colette's! =D (ang kulit!) haha

we had family dinner at a nice restaurant by the bay last night and i've been talking to a cousin who's taking up culinary arts to prepare us ratatouille on my birthday! =)
when suddenly, another cousin pointed out that what if the sumptuous meal we were having then, had been prepared by remy and his lot?! (not a very good thought while eating, i'm telling you!) everybody grunted and pretended not to have heard what she said! =p hahaha

none the less, i'm rating the movie, ****! =D
Carver said…
bastard... those huge rats are like monsters! How true is it that the only way you can actually kill one is to hit it in the head? Parang zombie ng video games. :-)

ally... well, if those vermins looked like remy and his lot, all cute and cartoony, I'd be very intrigued...

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