Monday, June 25, 2007


Oliver Pulumbarit recently interviewed yours truly, Gerry Alanguilan, Filomena "Luming" Coching (widow of Francisco V. Coching, "Dean of Filipino Illustrators"), and Regie Ravelo (daughter of late luminary Mars Ravelo, who authored over 300 komiks novels) for an article about the revival of Filipino komiks. The article appears in today's Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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In the fourth anniversary issue of Real Living, we once again give out informative and inspiring tips on home decor. Our Budget Issue zeroes in on budget-friendly yet tasteful finds, the basics of kids' room decorating, as well as a shopping stopover in Pasay City. We also issued a design challenge to interior designer Marilen Faustino: decorate a living room for less than P20,000.

Get your copy at major magazine stands. Now na!

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My second Graphic Classics project "The Mysteries of Udolpho" (adapted by Antonella Caputo) was recently released through the Gothic Classics anthology. Reviews to my artwork were generally more positive now. I don't know if the anthology is available here, though.

If any of you haven't seen my sample art in a previous post, you might want to check them out here.


Charles said...

Congrats =)

decorator said...

To quote Mr. Alanguilan from the said article in PDI, "...My concern is the lack of compensation for the artists involved. It's a collaborative medium, the product of the efforts of both writer and artist. When their work is translated to a different medium, they should be given equal credit, and benefit financially."

Hay naku! In this country, a lot of businesspeople, producers and publishers can't grasp the idea that talent is actually the most expensive commodity that they can sell. They would rather translate talent to what is tangible, and from that, put a price to it-- often resulting to mediocrity. Yet putting value and credit to the source (which, or rather who can actually be their most precious possession) is one thing they always forget. Worse, consciously neglect.


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