Monday, May 07, 2007

Worth The While

I've been on a book binge for some strange reason. Maybe I miss the new book smell, or maybe I feel the urgent need to update what I already know. Just tonight I ordered a few books from Amazon, adding to those I've been recently buying off the bookstore shelves. They're mostly self-help books, with a few titles on fitness, health, comics, and drawing thrown in. I've a few selections of fiction, too, though I get those from Booksale.

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Caught Spiderman III last Saturday with Marco, El, Jonas and Marcel at the Eastwood cinemas, lamenting thereafter the laughable "plot twist" that did the movie in. As they say, the butler did it. In this third, and worst, installment of the successful comic book movie franchise, we could have been spared the sloppy narrative and sequencing and mostly uninspired performances IF the butler didn't do a Remains of the Day by keeping his mouth shut throughout Spidey's second movie.

But the character shift of Tobey Maguire was interesting, if not overextended. And the action sequences were spectacular, if not a tad too dizzying. I appreciated the movie's attempt to explore the effects of anger and revenge, the running theme of this installment, even if whatever emotional weight it had failed to match the bank-breaking cost of the special effects.

Thank goodness for trailers. Before the movie started, one of the trailers featured was that of the newest Pixar treat Ratatouille, and it was so adorable and heartwarming in itself that it paid for half of the P160 ticket.

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Got myself a new computer, much more powerful than what I had (1GB RAM, 256-bit graphics, Duo Core processor, DVD writer, etc.), and I included a new Canon scanner and HP inkjet to complete the workstation--all within budget! And friend Mon, who accompanied me during the shopping, elbowed the sales rep into bundling some Creative speakers plus subwoofer into the package.

During the past month, I've been loading all my digital files (some dated as early as 2002) into a Maxtor external hard drive for some serious organizing work. I plan to do backups on DVDs eventually. My paper files, particularly the hundreds of comics pages I've drawn, are still a challenge. That's a warning to all aspiring comics artists--be prepared for the fire hazard.

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You may have read through other blogs that performer K Brosas will be taking the reins for the Zaturnnah role in the upcoming musical re-re-re-rerun, with Eula still doing a number of shows. Fans shouldn't be disappointed about this development, knowing how Eula dazzled full-house audiences with her comedic and musical turn, but new actors can potentially add a fresh spin to roles by virtue of their presence alone. I'm excited about this, really, because Brosas is not new to comedy, nor is she new to singing live on stage. She's physically appropo for the role, too, though I'm not certain if she can pull off those eye-popping moves Eula has consistently done.

Didi will be played by a new actor. I had to tell Tuxqs a few weeks ago to text Vince about Nar (not sure what his last name is), who impressed me when I saw him perform last year in Tanghalang Pilipino's Bakeretta. He had the comic timing, the voice, and the look.

Have a blessed week, everyone!


Hogi said...

Nar's last name is Cabico. Hehehe, yes, he's a brilliant actor ever since I first saw him perform in CCP. Can't wait how he'll interpret the character with his own flavor.

Anonymous said...

Brosas as Zsa zsa? Ugh, there goes the franchise...

Anonymous said...

Really? Nar Cabico is going to play the role of Ada? Hmm, I'd definitely watch this. I've seen him many times in different plays. I liked him perform with different roles in "Pragres"

Socky said...

Am really looking forward to the ZZZ run in RCBC. Hopefully I can get a ZZZ poster which will be my pasalubong to Rama (Poch's 5 yr old daughter) when I go to Canada in July. Rama is ZZZ's #1 fan! I posted a comment in the ZZZ multiply site requesting for a poster to be reserved for me. Pls., if it's available now, I'd like to get one. Also I hope the movie's DVD version (original) is available soon. That would really thrill Rama.

Hilary said...

came across your blog while randomly googling. i just recently shot a new tvc with arnold reyes and he's invited me to watch the RCBC shows of Z. i'm excited to finally watch it.

kudos! ZZZ'z become quite the phenomenon:)

Carver said...

Hello all! I've been getting insider feedback that the rehearsals have been such a riot, in a good way!

anonymnous-2... Nar Cabico will play Didi, while Tuxqs and Vince DeJesus will alternate as Ada.

socky... the poster should be available during the run, and the DVD is out! :)

hilary... thanks so much. You'll see a lot of Arnold, literally. :-)


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