Friday, February 02, 2007

Real Living: Your New Beginning

In the January/February issue of Real Living, you'll find out:

• The different kitchen set-ups that achieve maximum efficiency;
• What international designer Karim Rashid recommends for your modern home;
• How spending for high fashion compares to spending for home furnishings;
• And more!

Get your copy now!

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Just got back last night from our out-of-town photo shoot, so today's a pretty quiet day at the Real Living area of the office. I came in just to check the Inbox and some of the color proofs that had piled up. I'm going to the gym tonight, as I took a break from my dieting during the whole trip. I wish I could post some photos right now--we've had some pretty breathtaking stopovers--but I can only do so when the April issue comes out.

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