Like Scraping on Blackboards

When I first heard the songs Mr. Suave and Papa Cologne over AM radio, I wondered who the hell came up with them. The former's tempo reminded me of an old song about "Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen," while the latter took musical cues from another ditty, Rita Lee's Lança Perfume. But when I found out later that both were by Parokya ni Edgar, I threw my hands to the air, blushed and felt foolish. I got the joke. Only they could come up with such brilliance, and you can call be a hypocrite for making that major leap of opinion. (It's not like that other song about some guy who can't be with a girl on Tuesdays due to color coding--now that was too forced a punchline.)

Now there's the mushy pop classic All of You by Julio Iglesias, sung with Diana Ross in the 80s when they were still an item. The recently released Filipino version has been getting some airplay, and I would cringe everytime I hear it because the singer tried to sound like Julio Iglesias while spewing the Pinoy lyrics. And the female voice didn't possess as much passion and sultriness as La Ross.' The arrangement sounded dated, too.

In jaw-dropping horror, I learned tonight through Good News Pilipinas that the singer was, indeed, Julio Iglesias. *slapping forehead* The "tagalized" version of All of You is part of his newest album, and he duets with no less than Lea Salonga. In fact, the Iglesias album features two songs in Filipino, both produced by Ryan Cayabyab.

Couldn't they have chosen a better song?


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