A Less of Amor

Ah, Valentine Week.

Flowers, chocolates, candlelight dinners, sunset walks, motels, bodily fluids... how romantic.

I haven't experienced a Valentine's Day in eight years. I had forgotten how it's supposed to go. To others, the day may be as overrated as Lovepalooza, but to me it has become a kind of pipe dream.

I admit that I haven't been diligent in the romance department, only because I believe that the Universe will provide in her good time. I haven't really met anyone with whom I could go ga-ga over enough to turn predatorial, and apparently I haven't been a target of anyone's amorous intentions. I have been accused of not going out and meeting people, which supposedly decreases my chances of finding or being found. But, truth to tell, I've met more new people last year than the prior five years combined, thanks to my job, the book, the movie and the musical.

So I don't know. That's the answer I give people when they ask why I'm still single. I've stopped asking the question myself. I might as well try to live a full life instead of wondering why Cupid's been suffering from myopia.

But there's no cynicism here. I may not have experienced Valentine's Day in a long time, but I still remember what romance feels like. Makes me smile.


vincedejesus said…
Fret not, my dear friend.

For being 'single' is not the opposite of 'being married.' It only means that you are complete on your own and your happiness does not depend on someone else.

Being single is a wonderful place to be. Don't feel that you have to give in to pressure. When the stars and the planets conspire... it will come. And you won't know what hit you.

decorator said…
would you be my valentine?

hwag mo akong sagutin na " hah!?! meron ka na!!!"

kweno ko sayo later...
decorator said…
amor... amor... amor...

ano yun claudia?
sineasta said…
sometimes, love comes in the most unexpected places and time. so be on the lookout once in a while. malay mo kumakaway na pala ang pag-ibig, di mo pa pinapansin. baka isipin niya, masyado kang isnabero! hehehe.

OT: may tag ka uli ka sa kin. :-)

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