Friday, January 19, 2007

Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal Soundtrack

The original soundtrack of Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Ze Muzikal is now available online through Digijooze. To download the songs, you have to register with the site, though there's no published price tag. They should include the price there, methinks.

The two-CD set contains 25 tracks all told, which includes three bonus tracks. You can find the track list here. The image appearing here is the cover of the label, designed by yours truly. Thanks to Ballyhoo Records for allowing me to do this--I've only done one CD package design before this, and it isn't even available commercially.

I got word that the set will find its place in record bars towards the end of January, but copies will be sold during the musical rerun which begins tonight. As usual, I'll be attending a number of performances.

Se you there!


Jheck David said...

aba carl! ndi lang cover design ang ginawa mo, kumanta ka pa! ang tarush! hehehe..

i've been to the site before and it was only now that i noticed your name in the bonus tracks. hanep! this is a must-have! :-)

sayang la ka sa 28th. we'll be seeing it on that date kasi.

Carver said...

jheck... hee hee... subok lang... :-) I would like to thank Vince DeJesus for the opportunity. Wala nga ako sa last show eh, pero sana ma-enjoy mo yung dagdag na gimik nila.

Jheck David said...

"I would like to thank Vince deJesus for the opportunity."

Thank you speech for award ba ito? Hehehe.

Nabanggit nga sa kin na mahaba-haba raw 'yung show ngayon. Mas naexcite tuloy ako! :-)

carver said...

jheck... yah, para na silang naglalaro on stage. Pati ako 'di ko na nakikita ang difference between script and ad lib!

derrick said...

wasn't able to buy the cd when i watched the play last time. when is it coming out in our local record bars?


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