Thursday, January 18, 2007

Great for Research: Google Notebook

Another good resource courtesy of Google's brain drippings is Google Notebook. A fine research tool, Google Notebook allows you to instantly add sections of a website into a virtual notebook which you can access at a future time.

Use your Google account to log it, afterwhich you will be prompted to download (less than 30KB) a widget which will eventually appear on the lower right side of your browser window. The new link accesses your notebook which displays as a small window--you can resize it to full screen if you need to.

During the time I was emotionally distraught, I'd scour the Web for self-help and psychology resources. When I'd find something that I could use, I'd cut it out and paste it into my word processor. Right now, with Google Notebook, I just highlight the text I want copied, right-click, and select "Note this". The highlighted text appears in my notebook, along with the link to the source site.

What's nifty about Google Notebook is that you can create mutiple notebooks with different titles, allowing you to research on different topics and file your findings accordingly. Later on, you can edit or add notes to your entries, print them all as one document, or share them online with others.


Anonymous said...

I tried it, Carl. It works! I love it! Thanks for the info. This made me create my Google account.

I love Google.

Carver said...

rocky... galing niya, ano? Noong panahon natin, index cards to death! :-)


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