Feeling Good

The night before the 25th, I invited my boss to watch Todd Field's Little Children, an emotionally-charged film based on Tom Perrotta's novel. With nearly a dozen awards to its name, Little Children is a slice-of-life tale that layers lust, longing, fear and innocence in one smoothly flowing narrative. It's an adult film, not only because of intimate scenes between Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson, but it exposes what it means to be an adult. It reveals how, despite our age and experience, we're still kids in search of acceptance, love and affirmation. I'm really glad that Jackie Earle Haley got an Oscar nod for supporting actor. His role may not have been the most saintly, but his scenes affected me the most.

Nothing much happened on the 25th apart from work. I broke my low-carb diet by bingeing on Yellow Cab pizza and Friday's desserts with my co-workers. Later that night, I went to the gym.

In the past, I didn't really care much about my birthday. While I'm grateful to everyone who took the time to greet me and wish me well, I'm not normally so gung-ho about the whole affair. It would be an ordinary day, going by just like other ordinary days.

Yesterday, however, I felt great. It was as if something had opened up in front of me and I gingerly stepped through. I guess all those months of self-induced therapy helped me somewhat. It's true--we can only be as happy as we choose to be.


decorator said…
"It's true--we can only be as happy as we choose to be."


...masaya ako.. masaya ako... masaya ako... magiging masaya ako... masaya... saya... shet!
Carver said…
deco... Uy, alam ko masaya ka. On your way up ka na, 'di ba? :-)

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