The Zaturnnah musical would have performed 41 times when the present run ends tonight. As it stands, the musical is the longest-running production of Tanghalang Pilipino (TP) in its 20-year history. Still, with tickets sold out again, TP wants to give it another go.

Makati City, particularly the RCBC theater, is being tapped by TP to be the venue of the musical come June 2007. I heard that they may announce this at the end of tonight's show (which I won't be able to attend due to our out-of-town trip) so take my little announcement as a teaser until something official spreads.

With 41 shows, I personally think that Eula Valdez, Tuxqs Rutaquio, and Joey Paras should take a semi-break from the role and have alternates. Fantastic as they are, having new blood is always interesting to see. Keeps things fresh. But who can TP tap to match the prowess of a fine set of actors? I'm sure they'll think of something.


Anonymous said…
I hope Eula, Joey and Tuxqs would still play their roles. The show from January 19 to 28 was really a blast and I enjoyed it immensely (watched it twice --- that's how much I love the musical). Of course, Arnold Reyes and Janvier Daily were also good.

If Zsa Zsa has another "limited run," I hope they still still choose Eula, Joey, Tuxqs, Arnold/ Janvier because they were really good.

Anonymous said…
Hi! I first watched the movie, bought the comics, and finally saw the play last sunday. Great! galing ng cast! and should i say it was a super laugh trip? :D
my only regret: no photo op after the show :-< only didi went outside. it would be nice also to see you or vince de jesus there, but oh well i guess you weren't there at the 3 pm showing. sana next time ma-timing namin na andun din kyo.hehe
Congrats on your great work! ^_^ more zsa zsa zaturnnah to come!
Anonymous said…
hope you don't make the same mistake as whoever decided for the movie version. great as zsazsa padilla may be...she is not zaturnnah. i still think, eula will still be best choice in potraying zaturnnah. as for joey, i liked him too, although i liked ricci chan also. tuxqs, i have not seen an alternate play the part...BUT PLEASE don't even try rustom!
Glenn said…
hmm... i think it would be nice to see the musical again in a different theatre. looking forward to it. anyways, i moved blogspaces, im now at http://glenncruz.i.ph. thanks!
RAKMAN said…
I've heard about the musical in the first run at TP and then the PETA run but unfortunately missed it. Afterwhich I found out it was actually from a graphic novel you authored. I watched Ze Movieh just because it was available (I'd like to see it in all forms). I didn't expect much from the movie so I wasn't entirely disappointed. I agree that ZsaZsa Padilla didn't fit the role but I think Rustom played a good version of Ada. I finally got to a copy of the your graphic novel and see Ze Muzikal last Jan 20 and I enjoyed ZZZ immensely this time.

I'd definitely love to see Ze Muzikal again! (I still keep playing Ze Original Zoundtrack.)I'm quite interested to see how a bigger venue like RCBC affect the entire production. Huseng Batute is such an intimate venue and gave me the feeling of enjoying a private joke with the cast as I watched the play.

While I can't imagine anyone else other than Eula, Tuxqs and Joey play the leads, I'm sure it'll be refreshing to see other qualified actors in action. I'd love to see Ricci Chan play Didi (I heard he did in the earlier runs). I've only seen him as Angel in Rent and it's going to be really interesting to see how he tackles the role.
imnsho said…
hi carver! watched the play last friday..hehehe just got curious (and a case of short term mem lost) kung ano po yung background song nung nag pole dance si didi at zsa zsa, after nung pinakita ni femina yung martial arts expertise niya.. hehehe =) thanks! (hindi na nakatulog kasama ko sa kakaisip kung anong song yun..hehehe)
Anonymous said…
Hi Carlo,

I've been looking for "One Night in Purgatory" in several comic stores (Comic Quest, Filbars) and even bookshops but to no avail. May I know where else can I buy a copy?


zee said…
Hi Carlo! sabi naman ni Arnold sa Onstage sa Makati naman daw. Sana intimate pa rin para ma masaya. :)

I want to see Ricci play Didi again. Though I love love love Joey! Pero sa Ada at Zsazsa, wala nang iba pa. Tuxqs at Eula lang. hahahaha!
Carver said…
Matteo... I think we're all in agreement that the original cast is a fine set, and even I also wish they'll be part of future runs. I'm just worried about Eula who's in the thick of her new telenovela and the other cast members who have their own commitments. Nakakapagod din kasing gumawa ng musical. :-)

Oh, and I'm no longer selling One Night In Purgatory. I have to figure out what to do with it.

anonymous... I was there during the 3pm. :-) I think they didn't appear for the photo op because of the 8pm show. They needed to eat and rest. :-)

anonymous2... Well, I don't see it as a mistake. That's the great thing about new experiences--the process is more important than the results, and the lessons dictate what decisions would be made after. Fantastic results would be the bonus, not the requirement. And people who haven't read the book or seen the musical actually liked the film. Oh, and Rustom doesn't sing, so no question there.

glenn... I heard that they'll be doing a new set for it. Let's just see how things materialize. :-)

rakman... They staged the musical last summer at the PETA theater in Quezon City, and it had double the seating capacity of Huseng Batute. Nag-work naman siya. I agree that a much larger theater would spoil the experience a bit.

imnsho... The was "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler. The 80s rawk!

zee... Great seeing you there! At first it was Onstage, pero kinakausap din nila yung RCBC. Let's just see what happens. :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi Carlo,

Thanks for answering my queries.

Yeah, I understand that the original cast of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal are busy. But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that they'd still be able to play their roles on the next "limited run."

Too bad I wasn't able to buy the copy of "One Night in Purgatory" when it came out. I hope you will publish it again.


P.S. On the last part of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah comic book when Ada was telling Dodong "Dun muna kami tutuloy sa may Santa Ana, malapit sa Quiapo..." I'd like to clarify if Ada said it deliberately para lituhin si Dodong or kinakabahan lang siya na nandun si Dodong? I'm a little confused because Santa Ana is way too far from Quiapo (it's almost near Makati). There's no Sta. Ana street in Quiapo either.

Sorry. Hehe. I've read your comic book a couple of times already so I get to some interesting details already

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