Friday, December 08, 2006

Inang Yaya

  • Because of extreme poverty, nanny with daughter in tow begs rich couple to hire her
  • Rich couple is too busy to find time for their daughter, so daughter turns to nanny for love and attention
  • Nanny cares for rich couple's daughter and neglects her own; jealousy ensues
  • Nanny's daughter rebels and steals rich daughter's toys; a fight takes place and an accident places rich daughter in hospital
  • Rich couple abuses nanny; wanting to free her mother from burden, nanny's daughter leaves
  • Nanny frantically searches for daughter across the metropolis and finds her begging in the streets
  • On their way home, they witness a vehicular accident; the rich couple and their daughter are in a burning car; nanny and her daughter save them before car explodes
  • Rich couple apologizes to nanny; happy ending
No, this isn't what happened in Unitel's Inang Yaya, but it could have been the case for more box office bang.

Directors Pablo Biglang-awa and Veronica Velasco (who also penned the screenplay) create a simple film brimming with heart sans the cheese fest. With a quiet and tell-it-like-it-is approach, Inang Yaya relies more on a charming and low-key story as its foremost strength. It took all the cliches, wrapped them in an old diaper and tossed them out the window. Some people may find Inang Yaya boring--the characters mostly talk while sitting around--and might find pleasure in a few product placements, including Taheebo Herbal Tea and Blue Bay Tuna.

Performances are top-notch all around for the principal cast. As nanny Norma, Marical Soriano was very effective, a shoo-in for next year's awards derby. But I miss her pitch-perfect histrionics, her crying buckets as she slides against a door to the floor. Now if there's anyone in the film who really deserves a nom, that would be Liza Lorena as the snarky grandmother. Even when she reveals her tender and compassionate side, she's still snarky. You don't get performance gems like that everyday.

As a side note, the Inang Yaya page on says "If you like this title, we recommend... Antipolo Massacre (1993).

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weird suggestions!!! pinoy showbiz ang kwentong gusto mo. sobrang gasgas na!


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