Monday, December 04, 2006

I'd Like My Bond Straight Please...

Newsbits have come up reporting Daniel Craig as being interested in having a gay scene in the next Bond movie, apart from being prepared to go full frontal.

Now I've no problem with a full frontal, or even a suggestion of homosexuality, in a Bond film. Think Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon in Wild Things (1998). But a gay scene involving Her Majesty's foremost spy? Umm... that would certainly make for more interesting and convoluted plots, and I can imagine it would sizzle onscreen, but it doesn't float my boat. Maybe that's the purist in me, and I'm not a Bond fan to begin with. recently had an online survey, asking who'd be the best "gay Bond." It became a toss-up between Jude Law and Rupert Everett. Everett came out on top. No surprise there.

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