With 2006 about to close, Zsazsa Zaturnnah has seen herself move from a self-published two-parter in 2002 to a hit musical and a potentially hit film feature. It has been a wild journey for her and me, a journey that has left us wondering what's next. She tells me, "bahala ka," and I smirk at her. But she's right--I decide where I want to take her.

But this entire journey wouldn't have been this interesting if it weren't for those who've, in one way or other, helped jumpstart the engine. And here I would like to give credit where credit is due.
  • My Dungeons and Dragons players, who challenged me to come up with adventures that won't bore them.
  • Alex Santos, who encouraged me in 1993 to give making comics a go.
  • The Harlequin Theater Guild of De La Salle University, Monique Wilson and the New Voice Company, and all the talented theater directors and actors I've had the pleasure of working with, who developed my acting skills, and unknowingly trained me in storytelling techniques.
  • Vin Simbulan and Comic Quest, for allowing my work to be displayed and sold in CQ branches.
  • Arnold Arre and Marco Dimaano, fellow writer-artists who know what it's like doing it all by yourself.
  • Mars Ravelo and Pinky Montilla, for creating classic inspirations.
  • Myrna Porciuncula, Ida Evangelista and Veronica Manzano, who rewired my language.
  • Reby Gaw and David Hontiveros, my editors, who gave the Zaturnnah story and script valuable input.
  • Angela San Juan, for sharing her enthusiasm towards literature, and for all those evening conversations about love and life.
  • John Rae Cortes, for helping catalyze the process.
  • My family, for backing me up during those months of unemployment.
  • Kathlean Commercial, for giving me good printing prices during my self-publishing efforts.
  • Budjette Tan, Gerry Alanguilan, Tobie Abad, and Paolo Manalo, who in the early months of Zaturnnah's debut selflessly spread the word.
  • Ruey de Vera, for releasing a PDI review that caught wider attention.
  • Chong Ardivilla, for releasing the first full-page Zaturnnah story in a broadsheet.
  • Knowledge Power, for featuring Zaturnnah on television for the first time.
  • The Manila Critics Circle, for showing me that the book was worth more than I had thought.
  • Visual Print Enterprises, who accepted the book with open arms and continue to distribute the book across the country.
Special thanks goes to all my friends who bore with me throughout my emotionally trying times, and the myriad gay and lesbian friends I've met along the way, especially from SNAGG and G2G. Appreciation also goes out to everyone who wrote fan mail, bought multiple copies, sent copies abroad, and stole copies from friends who had to buy new ones; teachers and professors who introduced Zaturnnah into their classrooms; students who wrote about Zaturnnah for their term papers and thesis; newspaper columnists and magazines who talked about Zaturnnah and reviewed the book; and everyone else who continue to spread the word. If I failed to mention anyone, I apologize. I am overwhelmed. Thank you.

Zaturnnah thanks you.


Vin said…
Thank you Carl for sharing ZsaZsa with us. I always believed that you would make it big, and I am very happy that your hard work has paid off.
Of course it goes without saying (although I'm saying it na rin) that I will always be ready to support any new book you put out, and I am SO looking forward to the next installment of this wonderful character you've brought to life.
Merry Christmas!!
Anonymous said…
Vin... HUGS bro. :-)
Anonymous said…

Congratulations and you deserve all this. Kudos on the film adaptation on your wonderfully campy comic book. When is that sequel coming? Heheheh


—Chong Ardivilla
tsop said…
Merry Poppins! Kapatid ni Imelda. :)
Anonymous said…
Chong!!! :-D I hope you're doing well. Have a Happy New Year! Working on the sequel na po. Mabuhay!

Paolo!!! Same to you. :)

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