Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Think Positive!

Just think of wonderful, positive, life-affirming thoughts today, particularly around 5:10 pm.

There's a bit of an advisory circulating on the Web and through text messages that today, the 17th, is a "cosmic trigger event." If you believe in that whole philosophy of interconnectedness, the universal intelligence, or even the Matrix, you might want to participate.

The advisory says that this trigger event involves an amplification of thoughts and desires--a million fold, it says--and it's one of many trigger events between now and 2013.

But whether or not you do believe in this, just think positive, compassionate, loving, prosperous and peaceful thoughts anyway, everyday. World peace, global harmony, everyone getting along, those sorta things. Or, if you want it more personal, healthy relationships, wealth and abundance, peace of mind, enlightening calm, genuine compassion. Not only will you help keep the universal intelligence harmonious, you'll also get less wrinkles.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm not into this whole cosmic thing but the positive, happy, peaceful outlook seem to appeal to me. Try ko nga! :-)


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