Wednesday, October 11, 2006


It's nice to get a few books now and then, though most of the time I buy non-fiction or reference books. I like buying references because I'm into that whole learning and re-learning something new each day, even if I don't go through the books I get from cover to cover.

A couple of months ago, I bought three books from Amazon, all references. If I had bought them off-the-shelf, I would've forked out more. It was the first time I used the online service and everything went smoothly. The moment I received mailed notification a month after I placed my order, I took a tricycle in my freshly-woken and unbathed state to the Marikina Post Office, just behind the City Hall. I haven't gotten the chance to study the books I got because of my sked, but at least they're within reach in case I feel like browsing.

When I consider a reference that's particularly pricey, I ask myself if I would pay the same amount for a seminar that covered the same topic, or if I could find similar information on the Web. In most cases, the Web would have a lot of the answers, though sometimes there comes the need for a compact tome that's convenient to bring anywhere. And while I could print articles out with the near-decade old still-works-like-a-charm inkjet at home, I wonder about all those trees.

These past few weeks, the bookstore sales bin has been a friend. Recently published hard-bound references for less than P200!! I got myself a business book and another self-help book. Then on the magazine stand was another discounted book on weight training. When I take a hiatus from blogging in a few weeks, I'll be reading mostly. And drawing. Oh, and writing the next book.

Speaking of words-and-picture books... the bargain bin coughed up a nice surprise. It's the first graphic novel I bought since Arnold's Andong Agimat--a fresh, crisp copy of Meltzer and Morales' Identity Crisis at P675. Not bad.


Jac said...

BookSale is my friend :)

Carver said...

I looooove Book Sale! :-)


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