Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kamukha ko daw...???


When I smile, MyHeritage says I look more like British actor Jude Law. But when I don't smile, I look more like Beijing-born actor and musician Leon Lai.

The second photo, however, has a deceptive shade to it. My eyebags have been masterfully disintegrated by the photographer of Great Image, thus breaking a cardinal rule in photo retouching.

But, hey, the MyHeritage results are flattering. I can't complain. :-)


zee said...

when smiling - Prince William
not smiling - Jay Chou

that explains why i love you. hahahaha!

Carver said...

hee hee hee hee :-) thanks, dear.

Rach said...


Ang funny mo talaga, puro pogee ang mga kahawig mo. And my gash, longtime crush ko si Leon Lai! Matagal na akong naghahanap ng Pinoy na kahawig niya. And then...sino ang kahawig niya? Ang bakla kong art director! Heehee ;)
But you know what? Judging from the pic, kamukha niya si Wa-swit!
Di va? :)

Jac said...

wehehe di ako nakatiis sinubukan ko rin! LMAO


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